About Us

To successfully acquire and consolidate AI and Cyber Security companies that have the potential to be leading companies in their sector within the next few years and help AI become more accessible across the world.

Why Us?

At KM Corporation we have years of experience in the IT industry, meaning we have the first-hand knowledge of the latest adversarial tactics and wide-ranging insight on how to safeguard against them.

Your security matters.

A professional and reliable Cyber Security company providing you with the services you require at affordable prices. 


 It is critical that organisations take cyber security seriously and invest in advanced measures that extend well beyond traditional perimeter defences (firewalls and anti-virus).

That’s where we come in… Our next-gen managed cyber security services are designed to help you identify, mitigate and proactively defend against security risks and attacks.

We have a team of world class board directors each bring a different set of experiences and skills that will help us in  consolidating a fragmented industry and become a major force in determining the future of these two industries.